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Diabetes in Dogs

Other Conditions and Information


Diabetes in Dogs

K9diabetes.com: What is regulated?
K9diabetes.com: Insulin and Food
K9diabetes.com: Treatment
K9diabetes.com: Stories of dogs living with diabetes
K9diabetes.com Forum

Dr. Mark Peterson's blog articles on diabetes in dogs and cats

Dogs with Diabetes Wiki

DVM360 - Dr. Audrey Cook, Texas A&M: Excellent article on treating diabetes; support for home testing, curves

ADWDiabetes Newsletter - Interpreting Blood glucose curves by Dr. Joi Sutton

ADWDiabetes Newsletter - Glucose Curves and Insulin Doses by Dr. Joi Sutton

Merck Veterinary Manual: Diabetes

Veterinary Partner: Diabetes

Intervet: Vetsulin/Caninsulin information for veterinarians

Intervet: Vetsulin/Caninsulin information for owners

WSAVA 2001 Proceedings: Treatment Options for Diabetes

Sugarcats: Older but good outline of diagnosis and treatment of diabetes in pets

References for Human Diabetics

Univ. Mass. Medical School: The Healing Handbook for Persons with Diabetes

Dr. Hanas: Diabetes Guide (PDF)

On Humans: How Blood Glucose Control Fails

LillyDiabetes.com: Main page


Dog Diabetes Wiki: NPH / Insulatard

NPH Insulin: Humulin N information sheet (PDF)

Vetsulin/Caninsulin by Intervet: Detailed Information

DiabetesNet.com: Lantus/Glargine

BD: Insulin Performance Categories

Lilly: Chart of Insulin Activity Profiles

LillyDiabetes.com: Types of insulin

Drs. Foster & Smith: Insulin Information Sheet

Dr. Greco: How to Change Insulins (PDF) (May require registration to view)

Complications – Ketones

Dogs with Diabetes Wiki: ketones and Ketoacidosis

VeterinaryPartner.com:  Ketoacidosis Treatment

Veterinary Endocrinology Blog:  Treating  Ketoacidosis with Analog Insulins

Upstate Animal Medical Center (New York):  Treating  Ketoacidosis

Sample Online of Ketodiastix to test for ketones and glucose

NAVC Clinician's Brief: Ketoacidosis diagnostic/treatment tree (member login required)


Petdiabetes.org: Signs and Treament for Hypoglycemia

Dogs with Diabetes Wiki: Hypoglycemia

Complications – Cataracts

Veterinary Partner: Cataracts in Diabetic Dogs

Animal Eye Care: Cataracts in Dogs

Difficult to Regulate Dogs

Veterinary Partner: Hard to regulate diabetic pets

WSAVA 2003 Proceedings: Unstable Diabetics - Solving the Problems

K9diabetes.com: Honeymooning in recently diagnosed diabetic dogs

Petdiabetes.org: Rebound (Somogyi Effect)

Blood Glucose Testing

K9diabetes.com: Videos and picture tutorials of home blood glucose testing

K9diabetes.com: Monitoring

AlphaTrak: Techniques for testing blood sugar. Unfortunately, this information has become generic and not very helpful but does confirm the body areas that can be used to test.

Canadian Vet. Journal: Study on Owner Perceptions of Home Blood Glucose Testing, 2005

WSAVA 2002: Experiences with Blood Glucose Home Monitoring by Owners, C.E. Reusch, U. Zurich

Meters: OneTouch Ultra
Meters: AlphaTrak Meter - Abbott page
Meters: Bayer Contour and other Meters
Meters: Abbott meters - Freestyle, AlphaTrak, Optium, Precision, i-STAT
Meters: Precision Xtra
Meters: Accuchek

Petdiabetes.org: Sample curves for food and insulin

FDA: Glucose Meters and Diabetes Management

Urine Testing

Petdiabetes.org: Urine glucose testing

Hocks.com: Ten Parameter Urine Multi-Test Strips

Syringes and Injections

K9diabetes.com Answer Forum: Insulin, Syringes, Injections

WSU Vet School: Diabetes treatment, includes many images on filling a syringe (Scroll down; sometimes the menu moves the text to lower on the page)

K9diabetes.com: Videos on the YouTube Channel of dogs getting their insulin injections

PostCare Diabetes Center: Tutorial on mixing two insulins in one syringe

Felinediabetes.com: U-40 / U-100 Insulin Syringe Conversion

Dogs with Diabetes Wiki: U40/U100 Insulin Syringe Conversion

Veterinary Partner: Insulin Administration Guide

Unit Conversions

Page that converts units between mmol/L and mg/dL

Fructosamine Testing

Sugarcats: Approx. translation of fructosamine values into blood glucose values

Healthy Info.com: Approx. translation of fructosamine values into blood glucose levels


Cataracts and Ophthalmology

Veterinary Partner: Cataracts in Diabetic Dogs

St. Luke's Eye Clinic: Anatomy of Cornea

Wikipedia: Slow healing (refractory/indolent ) Corneal Ulcers

Animal Eye Care: Cataracts in Dogs

Merck Veterinary Manual: Glaucoma

Merck Veterinary Manual: Lens

American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO)

Neurological Disorders

Kyle Braund, DVM, IMS Auburn University Diagnosing Neurological Disorders: Good detailed descriptions of various issues and their symptoms

Cushings and Addison’s Disease

Dr. Peterson, Endocrinologist, on the challenges of diagnosing Cushing's in a dog with diabetes

Petdiabetes.org on diagnosing Cushing's vs. Diabetes

K9cushings.com Cushings forum with support and links to articles on Cushings

Yahoo Group: Cushing's in Dogs

WSU Vet School: Addison’s Disease

Yahoo Group: Addison's Disease in Dogs

Crash Course in Cushings (with many links to other sites)

Kidney Disease

DACVM.org: Chronic Renal Failure (2001)

WSU Vet School: Giving SubQ Fluids to a Dog

Liver Disease

WSAVA 2001: Liver Disease

About.com Veterinary: Bile Acid Test of Liver Function

NAVC Clinician's Brief, Drs. Webster & Cooper: Diagnostic Use of Bile Acid Test (Available as PDF, may have to register to view)

Pancreatitis and Gastrointestinal

WSAVA 2002 Proceedings: Pancreatitis

DVM360, Dr. Robert Washabau: Risk factors for developing Pancreatitis video

Texas A&M GI Lab: Tests availabe for GI function

Reading Lab Test Results

WSU Vet School: What Do Those Lab Tests Mean?

PetPlace.com: Understanding Blood Work for Dogs

PetPlace.com: Understanding a Complete CBC Count for Dogs

PetEducation.com: Understanding urinalysis results

Cornell: Routine urinalysis results

NationWide Laboratories (UK): Test Interpretation

LabTestsOnline.org: Understanding the Lipase Test


Drugs.com: Veterinary drug database

Veterinary Partner.com: Canine Pet Pharmacy

PetPlace.com: Prescription Drugs

Marvistavet.com: Information on numerous medications for veterinary use

DVM360, Dr. Carlo Vitalli: Proper use of Corticosteroids

Other Medical Issues

DVM360, Dr. Natasha Olby: Neurodegenerative Diseases in Dogs and Cats

Financial Assistance for Veterinary Expenses

IMOM: assistance with veterinary care

Care Credit: assistance with veterinary care


ASPCA: Animal Poison Control Center, Toxic Plants

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