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We Hope 06-24-2008 10:16 AM

Insulin and Weight Gain
Many diabetics lose weight until they are treated. Before there was insulin available for treatment, those with diabetes were mainly kept on what was called a "starvation diet". They could eat very little food because the food they ate raised their blood glucose levels. There was no treatment back then to keep this from happening, so the best that could be done to try to keep them alive and from going into DKA was to severely limit their food intake.

This is a photo of a young girl, Eugenia Corwin, who was a young diabetic at the time insulin was made available as a treatment--in the early 1920's. The photo at left shows Eugenia before she started treatment with insulin; on the right is Eugenia after using insulin for 4 months.

Think about this too--some of those who are into body building misuse insulin to create those mountains of muscles you see in their photos. ;)

Insulin uses receptors to enter body cells. Glucose can't be used as fuel until it is able to enter the body's cells. Insulin allows glucose to enter body cells, thus the body is able to use the glucose for its fuel.

And there you see, second from right, the happy muscle cell, who is now getting all of the insulin he needs. :D


"What's the connection between insulin and weight gain?

"Weight gain is a common side effect for people who take insulin. The more insulin you use to control your blood sugar level, the more glucose that gets into your cells and the less glucose that's wasted in your urine. Glucose that your cells don't use accumulates as fat. If you continue to eat as you did before, you'll likely gain weight when you start taking insulin.

"Think about it this way: Before you start taking insulin, you may be able to eat more food than you need without gaining weight because your body doesn't use the food properly. But when you start taking insulin, all bets are off. When your body uses food properly, you may need less food than you think."

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