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k9diabetes 08-10-2012 05:45 PM

Chewy's important story
I'm putting a copy of Chewy's story here with Shyla's permission. Shyla wanted everyone with a newly diagnosed diabetic dog to know her girl's story.

. . . . . . . .

My name is Shyla, and my little furbaby was Chewy Tina (Tina because her crimped fur behind her ears looks like Tina turners ;))

Chewy was diagnosed March '06, after being hospitalized with ketoacidosis. I panicked, i cried, i was nearly sick with worry. My vet knew very little about diabetes. I knew this because i am a nurse and the questions i asked were getting nonsensical answers. I looked elsewhere.. mostly for support, not knowing the extent of the knowledge contained within these pages and its members.

My vet wouldnt change Chewy to 2 needles a day. She didnt even understand how insulin worked, really. Chewy was still lethargic, huge amts of ketones were still in her urine.. she wouldnt eat. The people here went over and above anything the vet would do for me. With their advice, help and support, i put chewy on a new regimen of insulin, and she went from this:




to this...


seemingly overnight!!! .. well.. a few days anyway! The first set were taken when she was in the hospital, on IV, couldnt even walk or stand up, in March. 2nd set were taken in the yard in May!! AFTER i took the advice of the people on this board.

I havent even had to change her regime since then! There hasnt been any change in her increased energy level, and she plays like a pup, and she is almost 10 yrs old!! These were taken in october:



Chewy passed away in November 2009 after her health started to fail... possibly from cancer.


Chewy Tina - Diagnosed in March 2006, following a week long hospitalization for ketoacidosis.

Gained her wings on Friday the 13th of November, 2009. Run free and eat well, mom's munkin xoxo.
She was about 13.

I remember spending a lot of time online back in 2006 helping Chewy's wonderful human mom find the courage to take charge of her girl's health despite being in that scared spitless, brand-new-to-diabetes panic mode we all start out in.


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