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woodland33 04-29-2018 09:13 AM

My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018
My dog was diagnosed beginning of Feb 2018 w/ Diabetes, she's 14 yo spayed female, healthy, 19.2 lbs, no major problems. The vet started her on Vetsulin 10 units twice a day. A week later she was shaking, panting, stumbling around and puking. I brought her to the ER Vets- they kept her for 3 days, lowered her insulin units to 3 units twice daily prescribed Hills W/D. A week later my vet did a glucose curve, her glucose was high 500-600, never went lower, so my vet increased the units steadily, we are not at 6.5units twice a day also, my dog has lost 3.5 lbs since her diagnosis and now has cataracts and cant navigate. I recorded the ketostix strips, daily at different times a day, her glucose since then has never really hit the 250, readings are all around 500-1000. She is still urinating and drinking water. I am thinking that something is going on, either she is insulin resistant or the vetsulin is not working or the 6.5 units is high for her weight. I have since brought her back to the ER Vets for a glucose curve, they seem to think Smogy effect going on, the ER Vet again reduced her insulin to 3 units and have changed the insulin to Humulin N which she will start Monday. She has had UTI testing- negative, low dose dex - negative and an ultrasound- negative. Anyone have any other thoughts, thanks so much.

k9diabetes 04-29-2018 12:27 PM

Re: My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018
I was horrified to see that your vet put a 19 pound dog on 10 units of insulin per injection. That borders on malpractice and could have killed her.

What you witnessed was most likely very low blood sugar, which can be fatal. I'm just relieved you took her to the ER.

I don't like to see the starting dose higher than 1/4 unit per pound and prefer 1/5 unit per pound, which in her case would be about 4 units of insulin twice a day to start.

So 6.5 units is not an unreasonable amount for her to need, especially early on when her body may be temporarily resistant to the effects of insulin.

There may be something else going on, but until she is systematically and slowly brought up to the right dose, there will be no way to know.

Your best bet is to start testing her blood sugar at home. See the main website, www.k9diabetes.com, for information on how to home test and meters you can use.

What breed is she?

Did she have a full blood panel done to see if any other issues might be problems, such as liver enzymes being high, cholesterol being high, thyroid level?

It's possible she just doesn't like that insulin preparation and NPH or another insulin will work fine for her. But you can best determine all that by testing her blood sugar at home and it's usually a lot easier to do than you might think.


jesse girl 04-29-2018 01:18 PM

Re: My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018
Yes 10 units is quite a high dose to start . Now why did the er vet keep your dog for 3 days ? maybe pancreatitis which does require a hospital stay

got maybe a few to many vets in the cookie jar raising and lowering the dose . I would recommend you getting your own meter and test at home to see whats really going on with blood sugar

You may want to tell us more about how your dog was diagnosed being diabetic

mrgregj 04-29-2018 04:34 PM

Re: My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018
10IU of vetsulin seems quite high for a 19lb dog. I wonder if the vet was referring to 10IU in a U100 syringe for some reason? That would make it 4IU of a U40 syringe which would seem more on par with your 19lb dog.

1IU in a U40 syringe = 2.5IU in a U100 syringe.

Scooterspal 05-02-2018 03:31 AM

Re: My Cairn diagnosed Feb 1 2018 -problems so far
From your description it does not sound like the vet had her stay there initially for the day to get her regulated. Is that correct? That is the proper procedure for newly diagnosed diabetics, not send you home with some arbitrary dose and hope for the best.

She clearly went clinical with an episode of hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, from too high a dose of insulin and could have died.

Get another vet. One who is board certified in internal medicine.

Raysaint 05-02-2018 05:59 AM

Re: My Cairn diagnosed Feb 1 2018 -problems so far
Sounds like a lot of big insulin dose changes in a short period of time. Her body is confused. Stick with one dose, ride it out for a week, then do a curve.
4.5 units would be a starting dose for a 19 lb. dog. Your dog is about 9 kg. in weight and vets start at 0.5 units per kg.

woodland33 05-16-2018 08:28 AM

Re: My Cairn diagnosed Feb 1 2018 -problems so far
Re Update on Katelyn- my Cairn Terrier.
As of 5/16- she has seen a specialist in Diabetes, she is now on Humulin N- previously Vetsulin. A Glu curve was done on 5/10, Humulin N 3 units, still high readings 250-500+_ The Dr said to increase to 4 units/2xday. I think she is at least maintaining her weight- finally. She is on Hills/WD. She has seen an ophthalmologist/Tufts Vet Hospital this week for her cartaracts, she is prescribed drops for inflammation and ointment for dry eye. Her eyes/sclera- aren't as red- look better. Next Glu curve in June. I will keep you posted. The ophthalmologist will do testing after Glucose is stabilized- Hopefully, she can have the operation. Thanks for any thoughts, much appreciated! Stay well.

woodland33 05-16-2018 08:31 AM

Re: My Cairn diagnosed Feb 1 2018 -problems so far
Yes, I did change vets - She has a specialist now. We've changed from Vetsulin to Humulin N. 4 units 2xday. Thanks for you replies.

woodland33 05-16-2018 08:36 AM

Re: My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018
She was diagnosed with the Blood test- brought her in as she was drinking a lot of water and urinating a lot, also always hungry. Very high number 500-600+ She is now seeing a specialist in Diabetes. And yes it was Pancreatitis diagnosed from the 10 Uxday/ Smogy effect. She seems better, have to take this day by day. Next glucose read in June. Thanks for your reply.

jesse girl 05-16-2018 01:37 PM

Re: My Cairn diagnosed Feb 1 2018 -problems so far
thanks for the update and keep us posted on the progress

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