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LuvMyMunchie 10-25-2012 12:28 AM

Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer - Earned his wings
I am not new to this forum as I joined in 2009 when K9Cushings was temporarily here, however, I am brand new to dog diabetes. My Munchie’s IMS called me today with new lab results and dropped the diabetes bomb. Said his bg was 294. I definitely could use some moral support. My Munchie has a long list of health issues and has been on chemo since Dec. 2011. He is such a sweet, loving little guy and also a full time job. My head is spinning right now with the addition of the diabetes diagnosis.

Munchie will receive his first insulin injection tomorrow from his IMS and I will be getting some instruction. I asked for a Rx so I can purchase his insulin where it’s less expensive and I guess I need to buy some Karo syrup to have on hand in case he goes low. I have an extra One Touch Mini meter and some strips I’m going to take with me but I’m thinking I probably need to purchase the AlphaTrak 2 system if it is more accurate for a dog. I’ll be doing home testing and need to learn how to do a curve. Have so much to learn it's rather overwhelming. IMS told me I’ll have to bring Munchie in once a week until he is regulated which will be a 2 hr. round trip drive each time (and a bit of a hassle) but will do what I have to do to so he will be ok.

I do have a couple of questions. Munchie is on a UC Davis home cooked diet. He can’t tolerate chicken, nothing with soy…and the list goes on. It’s low fat for his hyperlipidemia but is mostly white rice with some fish and Balance IT vitamins thrown in. Fiber content is zilch. The poor guy has to be able to eat something and this diet is it. Seems to me that all the white rice is going to wreak havoc with his glucose control. Anybody have any suggestions??? Also, I divide his food up and feed him 3-4 small meals throughout the day as it’s easier on his tummy (GI problems). Got a feeling I will need to change this when he starts insulin. Help!!!!


jenny 10-25-2012 12:46 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hi Louise, Just a quick Hello and welcome, Im off to work.
Im sure that you and Munchie ( great name) will cope fine with this new diabetes diagnosis. It will take a bit a jiggling about his other health issues no doubt, but it will and can be done.

Great that you are going to be home testing him, but just wanted to say the alphatrax is the most expensive machine and many of us use human machines and get good results. I use the one touch ultra too and find it very good, I have both the Mini and the full size machines and find they give reliable readings, slightly lower that the lab analysis, but definately comparable. Craig has written a really good post about the different meters and their pros and cons on the main forum site, so have a look at that maybe. Cant help you with the diet questions, but Im sure more expeienced members will be along soon to help.

Big hugs to you and Im sure you will great support from all of us here!

LuvMyMunchie 10-25-2012 12:54 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the reply and the info! I will go read Craig's post about meters. My One Touch Mini is sounding pretty good right now since I already own it. :D


Yulismum 10-25-2012 02:38 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hi and welcome

It sounds as though you have your hands full, but it also sounds as though you are going to cope once you have got your head around this. I am new to diabetes (dx August) so I would not give you any advice, we have not yet regulated. At the suggestion of the board (all hail Patty) I give my pooch breakfast and then 2 hours later another breakfast. Same at dinner. It has smoothed out his curve a bit and he thinks 4 meals a day is wonderful!

I use the Alpha Trak 2 but it is very expensive. Once we are regulated, I may well get a cheaper one and just use the AT2 when I curve or need a more accurate reading. Craig is your man for meters.

Good luck

LuvMyMunchie 10-25-2012 03:43 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed

Thank you so much for sharing the 4 meal plan you're using for your baby. That's the perfect plan for Munchie. Good luck with the regulating.

I am so confused now. I know Munchie is going to be on NPH but that's about all I do know. The IMS was talking about doing some other test to confirm the diabetes and then decided against it when I told him Munch had started slurping up water, which he normally doesn't do. He has also lost some weight. He wasn't fasted for his last labs but even with food I don't think a normal dog would be at 294 or is my thinking wrong???

I am giving Munchie his breakfast around 7 a.m. so he can get his chemo meds and will be at the vet clinic at 10:30 a.m. I know he will get his first injection but not sure what time that will happen.

1, Do dogs normal get insulin in-betweel meals and could this end up being a problem today after we get back home?

2. I may reluctantly buy the first vial of insulin and whatever else is needed from the IMS as I am very concerned about leaving Munchie at home alone and unmonitored after his first dose of insulin while I go to get a prescription filled at WalMart or wherever I end up. Am I being too overly cautious and worrying too much about this?

He's been through so much healthwise since 2007 and I watch him like a hawk. Guess I'm just downright scared right now.

All feedback welcome and appreciated.


Rubytuesday 10-25-2012 04:31 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hey there Louise, Although you definitely have your hands full from what you said already I think you will be able to manage this.

I think you would be okay to pop into Walmart on your way home. NPH usually takes 1- 1 1/2 hrs. to kick in and I imagine your vet will start him on a lower dose and then work his way up. Good to hear he would want Munchie back weekly to check the numbers.

A lot of folks here use the One Touch Ultra 2 meter. I think the smaller meters aren't as accurate. You could get that at Walmart too. Or if you wanted to just get some strips for the mini until the Alpha Track gets here, that would at least get you started on testing and take away some of the fear.

I also have a dog with two other conditions that make the diet unchangeable. Because of that I have incorporated the fast acting insulins (R and Humalog) into her daily routine. Takes a bit more testing, but for us it has made a bad situation manageable.

At this point though, just one foot in front of the other. A couple of days (3-5) on the starting dose and then you can do a home curve to see the results. In the meantime you could spot check at 6-8 hrs. out to see what is going on midday. That is usually.....when the insulin is at it's strongest so BGs are at their lowest.

*****You can also get syringes at Walmart much cheaper. You may need a script for themin your state though.

Hang in there!


LuvMyMunchie 10-25-2012 04:46 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Thanks Tara. I'm sure glad this forum exists! With each response I get I"m feeling a little less nervous. Appreciate your feedback.


farrwf 10-25-2012 04:58 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hi Louise and welcone to you and Munchie.

As has been mentioned, Walmart is by far your cheapest buy on the insulin and syringes.
  • $12.58 for 100 syringes
  • $24.58 for the insulin
I'm sure there be several members commenting who have the dual diagnosis Munchie has.

Was the diagnosis based on one bg test of 294?

LuvMyMunchie 10-25-2012 06:17 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Hi farrwf,

I'll definitely be shopping for supplies at Walmart. The price for insulin was almost $90 at PetMeds. $24.58 sounds a lot better.

Yes, his diagnosis was based on one 294 bg reading from this lastTuesday plus the fact that he has lost some weight and started drinking water, which he normally doesn't do. I have to add water to his food to keep him hydrated and flush out the chemo drug. He also has a sore between two of his toes that just won't heal and maybe the diabetes is the culprit.

I sure hope starting the insulin will make him feel better as he's just not been himself lately.


Cebe 10-25-2012 06:24 AM

Re: Munchie–11 yr. old MiniSchnauzer–Just Diagnosed
Is it possible to change the white rice to brown rice? Also squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes may work.

You will want to make sure Munchie is being fed and given shots on a 12 hour schedule. That will really help you get control.

I think you'll be ok to go to Walmart after the first dose. But do keep some syrup close. Also the initial bg number was pretty low, certainly not normal, and definitely indicative of diabetes but if I get a number like that with Zoe, I shrug. My point is that Munchie seems to just be at the beginning of this and may only need mild insulin support now. Ask your vet if its possible that this is transient due to medication or other conditions, pancreatitis possibly.

I question the need for your vet to see your dog so often, but there may be other reasons. If its just for regulation of the diabetes, I would get yourself up to speed on testing and see if you can do the testing at home and phone in the results and consultation and maybe only see the vet once a month.

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