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Isabelle 11-13-2017 06:53 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
AAGH - yet another urinary tract infection! It seems like Izzy has a UTI every three months. This time is has been only 2 months since she finished her last course of antibiotics. Tomorrow I pick up another antibiotic and another 3 weeks of treatment. We have seen a specialist and she suggested we wipe Izzy when she comes in from urinating and we started her on cranberry supplements - well, that did not work! Any suggestions are welcome.

On the positive side, I think we caught this UTI before it got too bad - her energy levels are still high and her sugar is still in the not too high range.

Raysaint 11-14-2017 06:42 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
What did her last urinalysis show? Any crystals? Is ph normal?

Isabelle 11-14-2017 09:10 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
No crystals; not sure about the Ph . I will ask the vet

Isabelle 03-17-2018 07:25 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
An update on Isabelle- she turned 10 two days ago. She was diagnosed almost 2 years ago, took 10 months to regulate, has had numerous UTI's, has a partial cataract in one eye and had a piece of a cow trachea chew caught in her esophagus six month ago that put her in the pet hospital for a week. Our journey over the past two years has taught me patience and strength. Izzy is my rock - two weeks ago my husband of almost 40 years ago died suddenly and this 25 pound, diabetic, sight impaired dog has brought me through this. I know this post does not have much to do with diabetes, except that those who are new to this disease, don't give up and be patient.

jesse girl 03-17-2018 11:36 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
The loss of your husband is a difficult thing to deal with . Glad Izzy was there to comfort you . I look at these things as gifts . If izzy did not get diabetes and these other challenges and show what strength is all about and your determination to keep her with you we could be having a different discussion

It will be a new reality for you . My mom has now been a widow for over 30 years . After my fathers passing she sold the family house and went touring across the country . Quite the explorer . She lives with my brother now has nice friends and lives a life very different from what she thought and its not better or worse just different

Happy birthday to Izzy

Isabelle 03-20-2018 06:41 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
Thank you for your words of encouragement.

LizE 03-21-2018 09:39 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's passing. The loss of a spouse is one of the most stressful events anyone will have to deal with. I'm glad you've got Izzy to help you through it all and grateful that she is still with you.

I grew with Scotties and have a real soft spot for them. In my (slightly biased) opinion, ground terriers are a special group and Scotties even more so. Putting up with all that stubbornness over the years has paid off, giving you a true survivor and loyal companion. Snickers and I are keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.

Isabelle 01-12-2019 06:50 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
I havve not posted for a while. Isabelle (aka Izzy) is doing great - active for an almost 11 year old girl and continuing to be her stubborn scottie self. However, for the past three months she has had a sore on her face. We have been to the vet countless times to have it checked. The vet did a biopsy which found that it was infected and Izzy was on antibiotis for a while. The wound is definately better but I continue to have to clean it regularly. The vet does not want to have to suture it if at all possible and we both realize that it will take longer to heal since Izzy is diabetic. We will visit the vet again next week. I wonder if anyone else with a diabetic dog has had a similar experience with a small wound that just refused to hear?

jesse girl 01-12-2019 07:15 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
Jesse being 14 has all kinds of bumps and lumps but they are not oozing . I have never had them checked out . She has had 2 anal sak infections .The first was lanced and set up to drain . It did not heal so I went to another vet where she went into surgery to clean the sak out and packet it with antibiotics . That did the trick . The other i was able to express the puss out of her sak and it healed on its own

Haven't really seen any problems with healing in jesses diabetic life except for the beginning and that was challenging to say the least

glad izzy is doing well . Hope the infection clears up soon

Isabelle 01-17-2019 02:55 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused
I decided to take Izzy to visit the vet to get her facial wound checked. After two months of antibiotics and three months of cleaning twice a day the wound is still oozing so she is scheduled for surgery in a week to close the wound with a few sutures. I am sure she will be fine, except for her barking and whining the morning of surgery when she can not eat breakfast, but I will be on pins and needles all day. They will also take a snip for a biopsy to check for cancer.

Does anyone have expereince with surgery on their diabetic dog?

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