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Patty 08-08-2016 07:01 PM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
Reading up on Kinser today, Holli. Hoping for more quality time. So very sorry to hear about your kitty.

momofdecker 08-10-2016 08:47 AM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
Thanks Natalie & Patty. We did get a little more quality time, however, it was short lived. It was one of those situations where your head knows that your pet is ready, but your heart is not ready to say good-bye.

We created a bucket list and spent a weekend checking off items on his list. Kinser went 'hiking' with all of us and only made it past the gate to a picnic table in the shade. John took Toby hiking the trails while Rebecca & I sat with Kinser, who played the role of Great Bear greeter for an hour or so. We'd stopped on the way to get him a dog ice cream sundae, complete with dog biscuits. He happily ate that and I got some great pictures of his ice cream covered face.


We couldn't get him to his favorite fishing spot so we improvised and fed him goldfish crackers. He had no complaints.

He was stubborn enough to manage to walk over to Papa's yard (we share a back yard) because he knew Papa always has treats in his pockets - and after eating all of the treats he laid down and took a nap with Papa (who had fallen asleep in his chair outside). Papa's dog, Abbott, came over to say his good-byes.

We took him to the softball field where I often walked him when he was a pup. When Decker joined our family I often took the two of them running at the softball field. John lifted him down from my vehicle and he sniffed around a bit. I couldn't help but hope that he had fond memories of his younger years.

Kinser lost his hearing around age 13 but he'd always loved Rebecca reading to him. We took a blanket and a book and she spent some time reading to him at the softball field. He snuggled close while she read. She also played a few games of "which hand is the treat in" with Kinser. We have a local fundraising event called "Woofstock" - part of the event includes a trick contest. Kinser won first place two years in a row (age 12 and age 13) for being able to sniff out the hand the treat was in and signal with his paw. He was still able to sniff the correct hand but couldn't lift his paw enough to signal the hand. He still got his treats despite not being able to signal the hand.

We are fortunate to have a drive-in movie theatre near by and they were showing "The Secret Life of Pets" - Kinser & Toby joined us for an evening at the drive-in. We put a blanket on the ground and he snuggled with me and enjoyed the movie and all the snacks that went with it.

At night he got a dinner fit for a King (Kinser is named after race car driver Steve Kinser, who is known as the 'King of the outlaws') - steak and eggs. He got the same meal for breakfast the next morning. Rebecca made him one more ice cream sundae - complete with chocolate sauce (it was his last day with us) and whipped topping and lots of dog bones. He was one happy old man eating that! We spent lots of time out in the yard just sitting with him and loving on him.
John & I were getting ready to purchase our first home 15 years ago. We went to 'just look' at a pup one of his co-workers had. He was the last pup left in an accidental litter. One look and it went something like, "Oh, John...." and the rest was history. That pup sat with me on the way home that night and peed on my lap. We named him Kinser. He chased the cats (who were five at the time), welcomed a new pup (Decker) in 2003, and a human child in 2004. In 2013 he said good-bye to his Decker boy and his Rascal cat. October 2013 he welcomed Toby pup into our family. In June 2016 he said good-bye to his Bubby cat. He loved to go for walks and to beg for human food. We called him komodo Kinser because of the drool that would form on both sides of his mouth during dinner.

His last week of life he no longer wanted to go for walks and his last two days his tail had stopped wagging. On August 1st we said our final good-bye. My heart is broken but I take peace in imagining Decker standing at the bridge (barking w/ full body wiggles), with Rascal & Bubby cats by his side - all ready to welcome Kinser as he crossed the bridge.


Judi 08-10-2016 10:41 AM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
you are so eloquent and I love the pictures. Godspeed Kinser. xoxo

jesse girl 08-10-2016 11:13 AM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
i do so enjoy komodo kinser i can just imagine

what a life kinser had full and well lived because of you and your family holi

when you have young kids with your pets and as they reach that end and you look at your little ones who look so grown up and you wonder where did the time go

kinser completed your family and thats how it should be

farrwf 08-11-2016 06:34 AM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
Oh Holli, I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. No doubt, Kinser was much loved and very well cared for. He was a very fortunate little guy to have been a full fledged member of your family for his 15 years.

You give so much to these little ones and it hurts so much when they have to leave. Seems the more you give, the greater the hurt when they leave. You, and yours, have my deepest condolences - and, Godspeed to good boy Kinser.

Thanks for sharing everything.

stylynjm 08-21-2016 09:23 AM

Re: Kinser - vestibular disease?
Oh my gosh Holli,
So,so so sorry for your loss of kinser.wow, what a time you have had. Rebecca must be completely heartbroken as you all are. Sounds like his last days were full of happy memories of favorite things.
Bless you and hope for healing. Sissy and my thoughts are with you
We are going through some loss also,as we just had to say goodbye to Fritz. Wish we had had a few more days,but it was unexpected. .

k9diabetes 08-26-2016 02:12 PM

Re: Kinser - Kinser has passed on... August 2016
Holli.... I am so very sorry to read of Kinser's passing. My apologies for being so late in writing to you.

What a lovely week Kinser had... such a grand old man. I'm sorry to know that the world is missing his good nature and charm.

It has been a hard time for your sweet daughter and for you and your husband. These times it really hurts to love so much. I know, though, that Decker and Kinser and Rascal and Bubby all had blessed lives with you. I have been volunteering at the shelter recently and I wish a Holli, John, and Rebecca home for every one of the dogs I meet there.


Abby's Mom 09-01-2016 10:51 AM

Re: Kinser - Kinser has passed on... August 1, 2016

I am so sorry to hear about Kinser. You and your family give so much love to all your furry ones, and when you do they leave such an emptiness inside. How is Rebecca doing? I know she is a bit older than when you lost Decker, but that does need mean it gets any easier.

Kinser was well loved, that is very obvious, and with you a long time. I loved his last week here on earth, but I know that he and Decker are playing once again, pain free.


momofdecker 09-06-2016 02:16 PM

Re: Kinser - Kinser has passed on... August 1, 2016
Thank you everyone for your thoughts, beautiful words and condolences.

Jackie, I'm so sorry for your loss of Fritz - these fur babies - they steal our hearts so easily!

Life has kept us busy and distracted - but it seems each day there is a reminder of one of those who have passed on.

We had decided to let Toby be an only pet for awhile (not counting Abbott who comes to visit daily). Then we came across a situation where a 9 week old pup who found a home in Dec. 2014 was returned to her rescue organization in late August. She's a boarder collie/aussie mix. She lived with a family that had twin girls and a stay at home mom. Apparently she is a bit of a runner and they felt she needed a new home.

She has an approved adopter who already has one boarder collie and is investing in a fenced yard before officially adopting her into their family. We decided to foster her until they are able to have the fence put in. She's a sweet girl with lots of energy and herding instincts. She's also a bit skittish around new people and is very much a runner. Abbott is in love with her. Rebecca loves that she will sleep on her bed. Toby - he enjoys a good chase around the yard but is not thrilled that she is still in his home. John & I have been working on reinforcing some basic training with her. All in all the foster situation seems to be working for the time being.

stylynjm 09-06-2016 02:26 PM

Re: Kinser - Kinser has passed on... August 1, 2016
Lol Holli,
You've heard how many of us fail foster 101,lol...

Thanks about Fritz.Sissy and I do miss him. Sissy does seem to be failing.I think Fritz helped her see and kept her moving around more. I think she is adjusting though..

Thoughts to all of you. Hope all is good...

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