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ravenecw 04-22-2009 02:57 AM

Sweet Sable is an angel... July 23, 2015
Hi, on March 23 my dog was diagnosed with diabetes. I give her 6 units of vetsulin 2 times a day and she seems to have responded very well. My vet wants to do the blood curve now and I asked if I could do it at home instead as my dog is very very nervous at the vet (plus I could do 12 hours plus if needed and the vet can only do about 8 hours).

I have a monitor (human monitor) so i'm not sure how the numbers will compare but when I took her to the vet this last time it showed 218 aprox. 1.5hrs before her next shot (she was above 500 when I took her in and she was diagnosed). My biggest worry now is her eyes as I know I can do the best I can with treating her and since she was diagnosed she has not been left alone- this will probably change at some point because of work but for now it hasn't and hopefully won't for awhile (I want to try to make sure she is regulated the best I can).

I will have many questions and have been reading alot on here (and elsewhere) and I know a few people that have/had dogs with diabetes. My question right now is this, (my dog by the way is a 22lb Cairen Terror/Cocer Spaniel mix) how is the easiest/best way to do the blood testing at home? Is it the ear? Somewhere on the tail? Lip? I seem to think the ear or tail would be best but I believe this will be one of the hardest things I'll have to do and would like input from others. (I have done reading but... ) Thank you so much and I will try to get the exact model and type of monitor I have as well if that might help at all. Thanks again.

Fishslayer 04-22-2009 06:06 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Welcome! You will finds loads of expertise and moral support here.

It's great that you have a vet that encourages home testing. Our regular vet is not real fond of it. I have been home testing since the start thanks to the folks here. They walked me through every step.

There are a number of places to get blood. Lucy (my diabetic foster) and I use the lip prick method. There is a video on this site that is a great "how to." Lucy is very food motivated and we test right before her meals. It didn't take her long to associate the two & now runs right for our testing spot & lays right in my lap to be tested. She KNOWS what comes after the test!:D

We use the One Touch Ultra II. It is also a human meter. Diabetic supplies for humans are pretty much always cheaper than the veterinarian equivelents. Natalie has an error chart on the site. Mine reads 41 points low around 200. It was tested by the vet during Lucy's spay. Meters differ, though, and you'll want to take your dog to the vet and do a comparison test with the same blood draw. Then you will know exactly how much correction you need. The error varies at different BG levels so comparing errors at a number of points would be best.

Others will be along shortly with more information. I'm still pretty new at this as well. I knew nothing when I got Lucy in January & she quite literally owes her life to the folks on this site & the Cushings forum.


ravenecw 04-22-2009 07:10 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Thanks for the reply, like I said my vet seemed to think the ear was best but I guess I won't know until I test (this weekend or next, I scheduled a hair cut for Monday as I want to cut her hair short so it might be easier to do and might wait until the following weekend).

Things seem to be going great though since starting the insulin so I'm very happy and confident that things will be ok with the blood curve (other than perhaps drawing the blood itself). My dog usually is very helpful though when trying to help her so i'm thankful for that. I will get back on here with the monitor I have, thanks again.

Fishslayer 04-22-2009 07:16 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Most dog people haven't had much success with the ear. It's the proper place for cats, but dogs are different. I believe it's because they don't have as many blood vessels there as cats.

Most either use the lip or shave a spot at the base of the tail.

Many have had good results using the callous that dogs get on their elbows. The skin is pretty thick there, though, & you'd probly need to lance by hand rather than with a pen device.

The paw pad is another place to try.

hehe... none of my dogs like having their ears messed with anyway...


k9diabetes 04-22-2009 11:08 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Welcome to you and your pup! :)

Although vets usually use the ear on cats and dogs, ears are generally not the best place to test on a dog as they don't readily provide a good blood drop.

If you haven't already seen the video and picture tutorials of testing in various places, you can find them here: www.k9diabetes.com/bgtestvideos.html.

I would start with either the lip or the tail with your dog.

With the lip, you usually can use a lancing device. With the tail you would probably have to hold the lance in your hand instead of using a clicker lancing device.

I really like the One Touch... your dog is on the smaller side though so you might try the Freestyle meters as they have tended to work well on small dogs and take a very tiny amount of blood.

If you want to use a lancing device, over the years most people have preferred the Softclix by Accuchek. It's quieter and sturdier than the ones that come with the other meters and I loved it. I really preferred not to have to lance by hand! :0

I can understand why vets don't use the lip... I wouldn't want to try to lance the lip of a dog who's freaked out at being at the vet!! But at home with a trusted parent it works great on most dogs and there are almost no nerve endings in the upper inside lips. I tested our dog three times a day for four years and he didn't mind a bit.

I'm so excited that you are diving into home testing!


eyelostit 04-22-2009 12:31 PM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Welcome ravenecw :)

I use the tail method, might have to shave it a lil bit depending on how much fur your dog has there, Niki did not like the lip or ear method she was not going for that, I use a teeny teeny amount of vaseline and rub that in, then blot it with a kleenex or paper towel, this helps the blood to bead up, you don't have to use the vaseline everyday, once its on there it wil last for several days.

I'm glad you are starting to home test, it really helps alot.

ravenecw 04-22-2009 01:12 PM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
Like I said I do have an appt. for a haircut on her for Monday so maybe i'll ask to shave some of the fur at the base of the tail just in case i need to do it there. I do prefer to use the pen to do the lancing (i'm sorry if i'm messing up some of the wording here) instead of doing it by hand.

I'm actually off to get some more needles now- I use the u40 needles but I have seen on here you can use the u100 needles if you convert for the difference for the units? The only reason I ask this is because I know someone who has a whole mess full of unsued u100 needles (the only thing of course besides having to convert from 6 units while using the u40 needles to the new measurement is also the fact the needle itself is alot shorter on the u100 needles, I think they would still work however).0

Anyway I will get back on here to list my monitor I have as well but it is a very small amount blood needed I do know that. Anyway I come on here multiple times a day and continue to read, and again want to say thank you to everyone (this is alot of help).

KramiesSister 04-22-2009 01:15 PM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
I find the dew claw works really well for me....a video of my Kramer is on that website that Natalie listed (I'm so proud heehee) and the key for the dew claw is just to press hard when you poke and "milk" the little pad towards the spot you poked.

Try the meter on yourself and get a feel for it. Sometimes its the clicking that bothers the dogs more than the poke, in which case you can just use the lancet without the clicker.

I think home testing really gives people more confidence in their ability to manage diabetes... good job for taking this step!

Breanne and Kramer

Daisy's Mom 04-23-2009 07:16 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
I hate ALL blood drawing but the tail works best as far as daisy is
concerned but no blood comes out so that is not good! :(

I will try that dew claw. Does it work in 1 poke?
I just can't stand to keep jabbing her.

I hope they find the right dosage and I don't need to.

When Daisy is on the right insulin will I still have to
get blood tests? Whats the scoop?

KramiesSister 04-23-2009 07:17 AM

Re: 1 month in- need to do the curve next
It works for us in one poke as long as we press firmly.

I don't think Kramer actually even feels it anymore...he doesn't even flinch.

Breanne and Kramer

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