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k9diabetes 07-14-2008 02:53 PM

Re: Kitty Gus is sick
If you're interested in testing for presence and/or location of IBD or pancreatic enzyme insufficiency...


k9diabetes 07-22-2008 09:12 PM

Re: Kitty Gus is sick
Gus' test results were good. The vet looked at the aspirates and didn't see anything he felt needed to be sent to a pathologist. Plus his Texas A&M GI Panel came out well also.

Cobolamin Test: 594 ng/L
- control range is 290-1499 = normal.

Folate Test: 9.6 microg/L
- control range is 9.7-21.6 =
consistent with proximal small intestinal disease (but not far off)

Pancreatic Lipase Immunoreactivity (PLi): 6.7 microg/L
- control range is 4.1-12.9 = normal

Trypsin-like Immunoreactivity (TLi): 53.7 microg/L
- control range is 12-82 = normal.

So we're continuing his prednisolone/leukeran regimen. I can't tell if he feels any better but he doesn't seem to feel worse.

Denise 07-23-2008 02:17 PM

Re: Kitty Gus is sick
I am wishing you are able to say Gus is feeling better one day soon!

I found out Bogie's calcium is a bit high but not sure what to make of that. I asked for the test after talking to you when we thought it was stones. He is 10.7 and normal is 7-9.7.

If Gus isn't any worse then he is dealing with his meds well. Praying for a turn in how he feels!!!

k9diabetes 07-25-2008 10:05 PM

Re: Kitty Gus is sick
Gus seemed a little better the past couple of days, just about the time his poop issue developed. Today was all squirts and goo and he threw up once..... and apparently he wasn't too happy about it either cuz he bit the heel of my right hand... just to explain a few things to me. Apparently he didn't understand that I wasn't having the best day either.

Skipped his morning meal and meds and things have settled down so far.

Gus' system does this once in a while for no apparent reason. I'm hoping it's shortlived.

k9diabetes 08-25-2008 11:09 AM

Re: Kitty Gus is sick
I took Gus in today to have the doc look him over.

Gus had had several bouts of diarrhea related to food changes in July and August but has been getting his old diet for the past week.

That got rid of the diarrhea, which I very much appreciated... but he's hacking up a little clear fluid again, which is what he was doing just prior to his IBD/lymphoma diagnosis. So I think we will eventually have to change foods. Will tackle that after a brief trip we are taking next month.

The prednisolone for the IBD is making Gus Cushinoid... his hair hasn't grown back at all after the ultrasound in July and his belly needs a tomcat bra...

I don't like how much the meds seem to slow him down - doesn't play, doesn't want to be touched - so we're going to try reducing the prednisolone to every other day, alternating it with the leukeran to see if that perks him up any.

Also have to find a way to feed him without Katie stealing it. Gus is too thin and Katie has blimped out from stealing his food. He tends to pick at it throughout the day.

For his weepy eyes we are giving some idoxuridine (anti-viral) drops. Have some left over from Chris' viral eye problems. His eyes have been caking up constantly with reddish brown discharge.

Poor little guy's kind of a mess.

rhodesian46 08-27-2008 04:28 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
You have your hands full helping us and Gus. You are a saint!!! Pebbles sends Gus a smooch as she thinks smooches will make him happy!
Marianne and Pebbles

Denise 08-29-2008 08:37 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Poor Gus!

I saw a product today that was an additive to use when you change their meals, enzymes, probiotics etc. to help with the new food adjustment.

I don't remember what you are feeding him but on the Feline Diabetes board they have listed the Fancy Feast foods that are the lowest in carbs and lots of them feed it. Enough variety, he might eat more?

Still praying for Gus. Hope the pred reduction helps!

When my FIV gets steroid shots he gets very antisocial and blah!

k9diabetes 09-18-2008 11:23 AM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Gus was pretty well behaved while we were gone... saved the explosive diarrhea until I came home! ;( I think he probably just had a few too many treats while we were away.

For now, I've put him on baby food (turkey and beef). First to deal with the diarrhea and now for the short term because he laps up as much as I will give him. That should help put a little more weight on him (he was stable between vet visits) and prevent Katie from snarfing up the other food, which he picked at. I had been putting some beef/gravy wet food over the Felidae dry and he would eat it but not sit down and just consume it the way he does the baby food.

After that... not sure. Fancy Feast is one possibility... both Gus and Katie have bad reactions to many foods so it's never easy to change what they're eating.

His fur is very thin over his back. A month ago the vet said we could cut the prednisolone back to every other day twice a day and on Monday he said we could go ahead and cut him back to every other day once a day. The first cut allowed him to grow a tiny bit of peach fuzz on his bare spots so I'm hoping another reduction will reduce his induced Cushings status enough that he can grow some fur back. He's pretty pathetic looking.

But no masses felt and no weight loss at the vet this Monday so that's good.


Denise 09-18-2008 08:21 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
I'm glad he is eating well and getting some hair and getting to reduce meds is always great!

They DO get to look pathetic, bony, thinning hair....just plain old.

I am feeding Bubba (cancer cat) a can of Fancy Feast every day with his meds in it, figure it keeps his calories up a bit and also doing this for the FIV cat. They won't eat the chunky or sliced ones though, learned that quickly.

How is he about wanting attention an how active is he? What does a good day look like for him?

k9diabetes 09-19-2008 10:20 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
He's still somewhat lackluster but the first cut in the prednisolone dose helped and I think the second one will help even more. Plus he was pretty unhappy about the whole explosive diarrhea thing (for some reason, Gus doesn't do plain diarrhea, only explosive, splatter the... never mind!)

Active? Well, prediagnosis Gus had to be picked up out of his bed and deposited on the opposite side of the house so he would have to walk a little. That's still the case. So it's very difficult to measure changes in his zero activity level. He was very subdued at the vet but I think he feels better now that his system is back on track. I put some kibble in his kennel today after his baby food and he ate a fair amount of that too.

We had a canine visitor today at the front door and apparently Katie was NOT happy. She didn't run away, which is her usual response to strange people. Instead, she stood her ground, arched her back, and hissed.

It was one of our neighbors who used to always hear Chris bark in the backyard and came over to check because she hadn't heard him in so long. I wasn't home but she talked to Jeff and got the news of Chris' passing, just as she feared had happened. Her dog, Hairy, is a flat coated collie and was a buddy of Chris' when she came down to our driveway to get the mail.


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