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k9diabetes 07-01-2009 11:33 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Wow, I can't believe how old this thread is...

Poor Gus has been having problems with diarrhea since the beginning of May. In mid-June he had a really bad attack and we put him on an additional IBD med, Sulphasalazine, for five days. Seemed to help at first but then the diarrhea came back. Put him back on the Sulphasalazine but didn't seem to help this time.

He had a very bad episode on June 27th... wow, what a morning... Gus with diarrhea and throwing up (he does that after bad diarrhea attacks). Then Katie threw up (hairball) and then Jack threw up and had some loose stools... I about packed it in that morning!

So Gus goes back to the vet tomorrow. I think he may do an ultrasound. He saw him May 28 and didn't feel any masses or other causes for concern. It's strange because except for the diarrhea Gus seems pretty happy. We just can't seem to get that back on track.


k9diabetes 07-04-2009 06:17 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
The vet agreed that Gus looks really good and gained a quarter of a pound so the diarrhea's persistence is a bit of a mystery. We changed him over from turkey baby food to Royal Canin Limited Ingredient Lamb Diet (canned) to see if perhaps he has started to react to the turkey.

Somewhere along the way, Gus finally learned how to eat loaf-type canned food and has been scarfing it up all weekend so I hope it works.

Like I told the vet, we strenously avoid changing foods because the cats get explosive diarrhea, which Gus already has... so we have nothing to lose by trying it!


k9diabetes 07-06-2009 09:05 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Three days on the lamb food and Gus is producing honest to goodness, shaped poop! So there's our answer - the turkey was the culprit.

Trick will be to keep him eating this food. He picked at all day today.

eyelostit 07-10-2009 06:41 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Hoping for good poo's from now on.:)

k9diabetes 07-10-2009 09:10 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
He went from diarrhea straight to constipation! :o But I think this is at least in part because he's out of the habit of drinking water. The baby food had so much water in it that he really didn't need to drink any.

Have mixed some lamb baby food into the canned Lamb food and he's eating a bit better and getting some additional water into his system, which seems to help.

He toddered around the house this evening so seems to feel better.


k9diabetes 09-02-2009 09:47 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Mr. Gus has been driving me crazy! He's doing well on the lamb as far as diarrhea - that's gone! But he's having some constipation AND he keeps picking his meds out of everything I bury them in AND he's lost a lot of weight.

He will eat the Royal Canin Limited Ingredient lamb food but I don't think he's going to eat enough of it to gain weight. So as of today I'm adding more lamb baby food, which is good for the constipation and to get more calories into him. He's down from 11.9 to 10.25 pounds, which is awfully skinny for him.

We had a work-in vet appointment yesterday because he was straining and screaming and throwing a fit... apparently just from the constipation as nothing was blocked or badly built up. But he was obviously really uncomfortable and unhappy. Every time he finally forced something out he let out a half dozen blood curdling screams...

I got some clear empty capsules from the vet and sometimes I can get get him to not pick his prednisolone out of his food. The pred tastes bad and is a crumbly pill that very easily falls apart in anything with any liquid to it. The clear capsules keep him from tasting it but still he leaves them behind.

He's been IBD - lymphoma for over a year now. If I can just get his pills in him better and more calories in him, I think he will do okay. But he's not making it easy for me.


eyelostit 09-09-2009 12:30 AM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
Sorry to hear this Nat,

I don't have much experience with cats, all I can think of is fish, seems Gus has other issues with food so I guess Gus cannot eat Tuna etc, no doubt he would pick the pills out anyway, must be very frustrating.

We Hope 09-09-2009 08:11 AM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma

Would prednisone oral solution help?



k9diabetes 09-09-2009 01:53 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
It would have to taste good... actually, he's back as of about five days ago to accepting his pills in salmon cream cheese and since the pred is protected with the capsule so he can't taste it, I don't think he will reject the cream cheese again. The cream cheese sticks to the capsules better than his canned cat food too.

I just can't get him to eat enough of the canned food. So lately I've been feeding him mostly bably food. We are having a very difficult time getting him to regain his weight and the question is whether it's just that he doesn't eat enough or whether the IBD/lymphoma has started up again. He does not look good... not nearly as good as he did a month or two ago. But he also wasn't getting his meds consistently.

So I'm trying to get as many calories a a day into him as I can and consistent meds and give that a week or two to have an effect. If he still hasn't gained any weight and doesn't look any better, we will have to consider that we may have lost containment on his disease...


k9diabetes 09-17-2009 02:56 PM

Re: Kitty Gus IBD / Early Lymphoma
After a bout of diarrhea a couple of days ago and Gus still being way too skinny despite eating three jars of baby food a day (he used to maintain his weight on two), we put him into the shop today for a full working over.

Tried to get blood on Tuesday so we could have the results today but Gus wouldn't produce enough from where he would let them take it.

So today, while he was under, they took blood and urine, did an abdominal ultrasound with possibly some aspirate biopsy samples, and looked over his whole mouth and decided to go ahead and do a quick cleaning of some grungy teeth while they had the chance.

Good news from the ultrasound - no changes for the worse,,, or the better but that's not the point! ;)

I suspect the blood and urine panel may show some declining kidney function as his output seems to be a lot greater than his input.

Thank goodness for the empty capsules - I have gotten his meds into him every single day for two weeks, including some extra prednisolone to see if we could get him doing better.

They are considering trying a totally different diet approach - to something geared more for sensitive stomachs than for unique single protein sources. It seems like the diarrhea is from something other than a food reaction.

I've got to go pick him up in a half hour or so and sign away the checkbook! ;)


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