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Default Re: Surpise meet my friend

Pippy is a brown border collie mix, I think she is part Irish Setter or some kind of Spaniel from her freckled nose, she sure is Border Collie, she has amber eyes.

I never had a brown/auburn color dog before.

I saw her listed online at a shelter, I keep looking at her picture & going back to the site, then I called, "Is she still there" so I told the gal It'd take me about 2 hrs to get there, they kept her overnight for me cuz I had to stay at a motel, they chipped her and I had her spayed the week later, shots and all of that.

I go to the new vet who last saw Niki, I liked him and his associates there.

She surely ease's the pain from losing my Niki, I still think I have a blind dog, certain times when coming in house etc, I still put my hand over the edge of the door & things like that.

I was back again at the dogfood aisles reading all the ingredients again, she's eating the Wellness brand. She's a holy terror running all over the place,picking up things that I don't know where she gets them from, still a pup she either 1yr 9 months or 10 months, both the Vet and the Shelter wrote different ages, judging I think a year at most.

LOL I didn't know what I was getting into with this lil Pippy, all of my dogs were older and knew the rules.

I'm sure Niki would like my new friend.
Dolly & Niki passed 2010, 45 lb Border Collie Mix 8 yrs as diabetic, 13yrs old. Blind N 10.5 U 2 X * Dog is God spelled backwards*If there are no dogs in Heaven then when I die I want to go where they went. Niki's food Orijen & Turkey & Gr. Beans, See you at the bridge my beloved & cherished Niki, I miss you everyday
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