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Default Re: Patty's Ali - seizures are back

We are at a 36% increase as of today.

You are right Bill. Natalie sent me this just before we started:
Dexamethasone and betamethasone are the powerhouses of steroids. They are thirty to thirty-five times more powerful than cortisol in their effect on inflammation.

It lasts greater than 48 hours in the system too. I will tell you it scared(s) me. I know we need the inflammatory relief but that's no light weight treatment.

Prednisone triggered Ali's diabetes, even though I tried hard to keep her off of them. Hard to get past the negative mindset. They certainly have a place in medicine and have a great deal of benefits but the risks are not to be taken lightly.

The neuro tech said they see a lot of diabetes caused by the steroid treatment in their patients because of the need to try to decrease the inflammation response. That's so very sad to have to deal with on top of the neuro issue they are treating.
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