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Default Re: Humulin vs. Novolin N causing lows - anyone else?


Welcome to the forum!

I copied your question to its own thread so it will get more responses.

And I'm sorry to say that I have been getting quite a few reports similar to yours - with the Humulin N seeming to be more potent than the Novolin N and doses having to be decreased.

Which really surprised me because four or five years ago I saw a lot of dogs switching back and forth with the two insulins behaving pretty much identically. For whatever reason, that no longer seems to be the case and I think we will have to start advising people to do maybe a 20% reduction in the insulin dose when switching from Novolin N to Humulin N, whether through Walmart or for some other reason.

Maybe a more important question is whether the regulation is still good once the insulin dose is reduced? Having to give a little less insulin is only a problem if it's not generating the same quality of regulation.