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Default Re: Humulin vs. Novolin N causing lows - anyone else?

jesse doesnt exactly work well with either as far as staying constant and predictable there are things we do to keep her in good numbers but you cannot get comfortable and take things for granted I could leave her in the 300s and 400s but that will not be good so I try to keep her in the 100s and can do most of the time but she can get those low times out of the blue and highs . I wish there was something more constant maybe its just the way her body works with the insulin (it wasnt developed for dogs ) and thats as good as its get until something else enters the market ( after the vetsilun problems there may not be anything else designed for dogs)

This creates a scenario that I have to test her quite a bit I wish that wasnt the case but thats the trade off for keeping her in better numbers i guess