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Default Re: Humulin vs. Novolin N causing lows - anyone else?

Originally Posted by Taylor View Post
I have only been using the Humulin for a couple of months (my Wal-Mart had a lot of Novolin to use up) but I have had to increase the dose from 34units to 35units and test more often. Taylor seems to be running much higher for the most part but throwing me a low every once in awhile when I least expect it. Iím not sure I am ready to pay the higher price, but things were better on the Novolin. Pat
Yes Pat, I had a terrible time with the switch with higher numbers and irregular curves and had to return to the Novalin N and things are definately better. It will be interesting to see if more and more have this problem. It is supposed to be the same but after 3 months of trying everything to figure it out I was done and now back to Novolin. Back to reads between 100 to 264. Good Luck, Norma Jean