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Arrow Re: Humulin vs. Novolin N causing lows - anyone else?

Eileen - I think if a person is keeping careful observations and GOOD RECORDS - blaming the insulin MIGHT make sense. I once wondered about my vial of Novolin, whereupon Novo Nordisk tested my vial free of charge. The insulin was good. So much for that one! It's a reputable company, and I'd never had trouble with Novolin-N before, and there WERE other possible causes.

However, if record-keeping is sloppy, blaming the insulin REALLY doesn't make sense at all. The place to start is, understanding the difference between data (observed phenomena, carefully-recorded) and interpretation. It's not possible to interpret sloppy data and at the same time, expect to come up with facts.

Sometimes insulin does go bad; as Natalie has pointed out - often, in transit (shipping), and we've all probably heard how, at times, clerks in pharmacies mis-handle insulin. Percentages for damage caused by such mis-handling are probably fairly low, and/or scattered, maybe depending on the pharmacy.

Just had one other thought. Our own memories notoriously betray us, so record-keeping needs to be done on the spot at the moment the data are available, and (again) done with care and attention.

So, a first step is to check one's own observations and record-keeping. If we tighten that up, then we might reasonably start questioning the vial we have.

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