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Default Re: New member Snowball

Some recent readings using walmart relion meter. She has been walking around all day although you can tell she is a bit numb in the back. I took her out around 2:30pm probably and she was walking. Now at this last reading, I stand her up and she basically just falls down. She will stay like this until probably 8:30 or 9pm till her shot at 7pm works its way through.

Feb 19th Feb 20th 2019 Feb 21st 2019
6:15am 347 6:15am 233
9:20am 147 9:30am 191
11:15am 204 11:10am 150 12PM 280
1:15PM 284 130pm 220 2PM 264
4PM 324 5PM 347 4pm 298

Feb 22nd
6:15am 172
9am 244
11am 162
1pm 205
3:24pm 301
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