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Default Re: New member Snowball

That does sound neurological or perhaps pain/weakness rather than blood sugar.

I've been involved with diabetic dogs for... 15 years now... and what I've seen with diabetic neuropathy is that it typically occurs in one of two cases:

- very high blood sugar - 500s, 600s - sustained over weeks

- lower levels of blood sugar like you have when there is another underlying problem with communication over the spinal cord

In the second case, the blood sugar seems to overlay an existing deficit so has an effect at much lower levels.

Weakness from arthritis is another possibility.

Does she knuckle her back paws under? Or just kind of collapses?

GP vets typically can do only a very basic test of proprioception and often don't know how to interpret it accurately. If it doesn't seem to be from pain or joint weakness, I strongly urge you to consult with a veterinary neurologist if at all possible. There is much they can tell just from a physical exam - many little tests they do can isolate what kind of problem is occurring and where.

We have worked with veterinary neurologists and have seen other diabetic dogs here on the forum and they were well worth the cost of a consult.

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