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Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
I would tend not to think its anything to do with blood sugar with what you posted at 150 to 200s for most of the day . It sounds neurological in nature which can be difficult to figure and may need some expertise in that department . Some have used vitamin b for leg weakness but i dont know how effective that is

so snowball is in no pain ? No unusual panting ?

My Roxy is a bigger dog 80lb boxer but she was doing almost the same thing. She would start walking and fall over had a very hard time getting up. You could tell it was her back hips. I thought I was going to have to put her down.. well I was told to start her on

gnc methyl b12

It could only come from gnc. She takes two pills a day and she is doing so much better. We started her about a year ago on those.
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