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Default Re: New member Snowball

So you are seeing the loss of the ability to walk after eating and insulin shot

what kind of numbers are you seeing with these episodes ? Its kind of like jesse when she had grand mal seizures from epilepsy . completely incapacitated for 10 or 15 minutes and then normal a half hour later . The way i looked at her seizures was triggers that would cause them and loud booms were a trigger for her

Now for snowball you are looking at triggers for this episode. It happens at meal and shot time . So is it possible snowball is having a reaction to the shot and or insulin ? Is food a problem ? When jesse had pancreatitis meal time could be a painful time and last could blood sugar be a problem for that you may need blood sugar at 500 or higher or low sugar below maybe 50

You have to eliminate pain as a problem and may need pain medication to determine that by giving snowball pain meds and see if the episode occur or does it lesson it . Another factor is it a struggle to feed snowball ?

You have commonality, shot and food time . now you need to figure what in that commonality is triggering that episode
Jesse-26 lbs - 16 years old ,10.5 years diabetic, one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack . 3 shots of Novolin a day . Total insulin for a 24 hour period is 6.5 units of NPH insulin .
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