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Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
As Natalie sugested snowball may need some professional assistance with the possibility of her episodes as being neurological . You may want to video what you are seeing from snowball so its documented . If you want you can post it but this is probably more than can be figured here on the forum .
I do not believe they are neurological or anything other to do with diabetes. Below are levels from the 22nd and two tests this morning. I fed her around 6:30pm last night, mixed some science diet W/D with her normal taste of the wild food to see if any difference and there was none. She ate the food and almost immediately could not move. I could take a video if that would help, but imagine picking dog up and putting her on all four legs and just watching her sink back to the ground. She got the shot at 7pm last night and at 11pm she walked over to the grass and pooped and peed. So approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours until she could walk again. This morning I got her up at 610am and she walked across the house, outside and peed. Came in and ate her food at approx 6:15am, again W/D mixed with taste of the wild. Almost immediately after that she could not walk again. I tried to have her pee when I got to work at 8:30am and she would just drop to the ground when I tried to stand her up on her paws. Now it is 9:42am and I just tried it and she was standing a bit and could probably go and pee. I am not a Vet, but clearly it appears the food (any food) is causing some type of spike that is causing her to go numb. The last time we solved this behavior by regulating the amount of food which also meant giving less food. In theory I could give less food and that may fix the problem, but that becomes a cycle that is not sustainable as soon she will be eating no food if I have to reduce and reduce every few months.

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