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Default Re: New member Snowball

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post

Now i dont know if this is what snowball is going through but it gives a list of approaches to take to diagnose the problem that could apply to snowball . More info is better and if possible for a vet to be present during an episode to make tests . I dont think you can pinpoint the problem without veterinary testing .
Originally Posted by robl45 View Post
So here are the last few days of readings. And for comparison one of the last readings I did in October when she was doing much better. You'll see in the october reading she was going lower towards the end of the 12 hour mark where now she just keeps spiking up around 1pm and keeps on going. Any ideas on that?

Oct 25th
6:15am 145
9:00AM 168
11:00am 226
1:00PM 274
3:00PM 215
6PM 143
10:51PM 223

Feb 22nd
6:15am 172
9am 244
11am 162
1pm 205
3:24pm 301
7:17pm 260
10PM 201
11pm 157
12:07am 172

Feb 24th

12:09AM 119
9:30am 287
12:18pm 127
3:43PM 153
650PM 289
10PM 201
11pm 157

Feb 25th
6:15am 162
9am 224
11am 133
1PM 160
3:10PM 259
6:00PM 366 Tried half food and 2U
915PM 149
11pm 137

Feb 26th
6:15am 190 Tried half food and 2ml
9:30am 250
11:15am 189
1PM 277
Her February BG numbers look really good. Most of us here on the forum would be extremely happy with these numbers.

The article that jesse girl has provided may provide some clues as to why Snowball is experiencing periods of weakness. Your vet should be able to diagnose the root cause or at least refer you to a specialist that can help out.
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