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Lightbulb Insulin, Syringes, Injections

A while back, if you bought Novo Nordisk insulin, it had to be brought in vialed from Denmark. Since then, that's no longer the case.

Novo Nordisk insulin manufacturing plant--Clayton, North Carolina

This plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, is where all Novo insulins begin.
It's the fermentation plant where their bulk insulin is produced.

"Novo Nordisk turns over DKK25.2bn annually and around 70% of this comes from insulin products. The company is making large investments around the world in new fill and finishing facilities, particularly in Chartres in France, Clayton in North Carolina, US, and in Montes Claros, Brazil. All of these new facilities will receive bulk insulin from the Kalundborg facility for fill, finishing and distribution."

The bulk insulin comes to them from the Danish plant highly purified and ready for the last step in producing insulin. What happens at Clayton, NC is that the bulk insulin is combined with the proper excipients (suspension, if any, preservatives, etc.), the vials are filled and capped, and it's then put into packaging, ready for sale.

Since Novo makes the ReliOn|Novolin insulins for WalMart-Sam's Club, they also come from here.