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Default Mollie's Story

Mollie was diagnosed on April 3 with 4+ keytones , a glucose level >700 and She was immediately treated with fast acting insulin, she remained at the vet as an out patient for the remainder of the day and began insulin therapy (Humulin N) of 2 units 2X a day and eating Hills w/d canned food, can 2 X a day with outpatient monitoring for 4 days until I received my AlphaTrack

She was at 4 units of insulin but I am still concerned about her numbers. She saw the vet a little over a week ago to have a fructosamine test and urinalysis, she has developed cataracts almost overnight, once the cataracts form can anyone tell me about how long she will have before she looses her vision?

Her urine is clear had no glucose and the vet called Wednesday with the results from the fructosamine tests and is reducing the insulin to 3 units 2X a day and mentioned a somogyi effect which I really do not understand, she is supposed to send me more info in an email but I have not received it yet. I searched the forum and could not find an explanation for this. The results of the curve after 7 days of the reduced insulin are listed below.

She is now at 11 pounds, down from 13.5, she was overweight and experiencing problems with her knees but I do not want her to lose any more weight. I am so new at this that I do not want to add something to her food but I am very concerned about the weight loss. Does anyone have ideas on how to stabilize her weight?

I am concerned that her numbers are still too high I am home testing using the Alphatrack 2, it appeared that she was on the way to regulation on 6/9 and 6/20 then on 6/27 the numbers were on the rise again. Any time I have an extremely high or low number I check the meter using the control solution. The last four 12 hour curves .
6 AM fasting 137 4 units insulin 1/2 can Hills w/d
8 AM 164
10 AM 192
12 PM 343
2 PM 296
4 PM 286
6 PM fasting 209

6 AM fasting 179 4 units insulin 1/2 can Hills w/d
8 AM 238
10 AM 349
12 PM 301
2 PM 211
4 PM 142
6 PM 129

6 AM fasting 434 4 units insulin 1/2 can Hills w/d
8 AM 231
10 AM 309
12 PM 332
2 PM 300
4 PM 164
6 PM fasting 159

6 AM fasting 513 3 units Humulin 2X a day 1/2 can Hills w/d
8 AM 385
10 AM 390
12 PM 479
2 PM 363
4 PM 469
6 PM Fasting 494

I would appreciate any comments because I am very confused about wy reducing the insulin amount and having higher numbers is good for her.
Tomorrow she will begin using the Novolin from Walmart instead of the Humulin, should I check her before the 7 days of continuous use on the new insulin?
Miss Mollie, rescue pup, Malti-Poo, 12 years old, 10 pounds, diagnosed on 4/3/2017
She is eating Hills w/d, kibble 1/4 c green beans, 1 tbsp Pumpkin 2X a day, insulin is Novolin currently at 6 units 2X a day
Using AlphaTrack2 for home testing
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