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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Thanks, Jesse Girl. This must be the only change I make this week because she is scheduled to see the vet next Tuesday, which gives her a week to adjust. She IS feeling better, so that is good to see. She is drinking less than at the first (about three-four weeks ago), and that is also good. She is still hungry, but as we get closer to the 150-250 range most of the time, I hope that will also abate.

She is a senior, about 9 yo, surrendered to our rescue because the owner could not afford surgery and expected medical costs. All of that was before Dx with diabetes, so if she had not been surrendered, she probably would have been put down. She is very sweet, but still fights the bg testing. Takes injections well now. Of course, the chicken treats are a huge factor in that. I'm hoping she will settle down for the bg testing in time. She wiggles so much that I have not tried any location except the inner upper lip. We wrap her in a towel for that. She had a nic on her bum which we are treating with clavamox per the vet. We put Neosporin on it--and she got nippy toward us. It's the only time she's offered to snap at either one of us. We switched to silver colloidal spray which she did not like, either. The swelling is down, so we stopped the extra meds but not the clavamox.
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