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jesses r insulin is over 6 months and it is also a clear insulin they say if it holds its clarity it is still good

i am a real supporter of levemir from seeing people on the forum make a change and getting a much milder approach its funny we dont even use it and i am a fan watching it from the stands and not a player on the field

i wouldn't be surprised if kept refrigerated you could keep it for months and maybe as long as Jesse r with little to no loss of potency so actually it maybe a less inexpensive approach

for jesse i have not had a vet involved in her diabetes so getting a prescription may change that and thats something i dont want to do at this time, if they are willing to wright a prescription . also we are able to do her walk and rabbit chasing with no problems so thats big factor i do get tired of jesses unpredictability and the appearance on instability before that 28 day mark on nph

if it ever reaches a point where you dont need a prescription that would be an incentive to give it a try and really dont understand why you need a prescription for one insulin and not for another a head scratchier for me
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