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Default Re: Please just update us on how you are doing

I have noticed it has been a lilttle quiet lately and it is nice to continue to read. I stop on here lots, as much for my dog Sable as well as just reading, learning and seeing how others are doing.

Sable has been doing pretty well, her weight stays the same and although the vet would like to see her lose another 2-3 lbs i'm happy where she is at (and to be honest wouldn't mind if she gained a pound even).

Her bg numbers are fairly good, high at feeding times (as if the insulin wears off) but fairly good otherwise. The good news, when she is high a walk around the block or two will get her coming down rather quickly (even though maybe a gradual change would be better... it just seems like a walk almost jump starts the insulin to a degree and plus with the walk she usually goes to the bathroom which also makes her bg numbers drop- I have been limiting to short walks to try not to use up the insulin with too much excercise as she tends to be pretty active, not hyper just active). I am hoping to to try NPH insulin but have not heard back from the vet and I am trying to be a good guy and work "with" the vet not just on my own (even though I truly believe in this forum more than my vet when it comes to diabetes).

Hmmm, what else... well I just got off of work and playing with Sable some, thought i'd pop on and see what's up... the usual routine... take care everyone and I will be here to learn (and help when I can)... thanks....
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