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Default Diabetes Now Hypoglycemia-Help

My oldest dog is about 13 (rescue-birth date not accurate) and is diabetic. I give him insulin , 4 1/2 units twice daily. He has been stable for 3 years. On Friday , 7/31, 8 hours after his normal insulin dose he became lethargic, threw up twice and had myoclonic jerks. He was Hypoglycemic. His blood sugar was 32, heart rate 88 but his organs were NOT shutting down. I gave him some Karo Syrup so his sugar would come up and of course took him to my wonderful friends at Greenwood Vet Hospital that helped save his live. . If I just thought that my little buddy just had an upset stomach yesterday and I ignored it- he would have died. When we left the hospital -his labs were normal and his blood sugar came up to 55. Saturday , 8/1- blood sugar is 52 and no clinical signs of hypoglycemia.

He has not had any insulin since friday , and now time to take blood again for another reading.

I do not know what is going on- no more clinical signs but blood sugar in the 50's. That will catch up with him soon. I thought he may have a tumor on the liver or pancreas or even Addison's disease Any thought- insulin needed for 3 years and none needed. Make no sense. Thanks
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