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Default Re: Quincy, the doberman

Hello and welcome!

It sounds as if you are already doing all the right things to help Quincy deal with this which is great.

If you aren't already doing it, you might find it helpful to keep a record of all the variable things like food, insulin doses, glucose levels, any other medication. After a while it builds up a really useful picture of what your dog's particular patterns are; they are all a bit different and you end up becoming an expert in your particular dog's diabetes.

Our diabetic dog, Eddie, was about the same age as Quincy when he was diagnosed. Two and a half years later we are still at it, despite feeling very anxious about it all when we started. It does all become quite routine after a while once you get used to it!
Eddie - Lab x golden retriever. Weighed 63lbs. Ate Canagan. Diagnosed October 2012. 13units of Caninsulin twice a day. Had EPI as well as diabetes. Died 20 June 2017. Loved forever.
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