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Default Re: New diabetic mom

Still a little overwhelmed... She is an 87 pound treeing walker coon hound couch potato. She had a blood glucose of 110 on July 27th for her biannual comprehensive exam, but last week she started drinking ALOT. Monday night I filled the water bowl which she emptied, I refilled it and she nearly emptied it again then got sick and went back for more water. Tuesday, we went to the Vet and her glucose was 530. He said switch her immediately to the diet food and we could see if that regulated it, but it could cause ketoacidosis if we didn't regulated it or catch further symptoms. There were no ketones in her urine so he says we caught it early. Not wanting to cause my dog further damage, we started her on 10 units of Humalin twice a day. She doesn't mind the shots at all. What she does mind is the sudden absence of all people food from her life, the lack of treats when she goes outside etc.

She also free feeds (eat a little all day long from her food sitting out) if there's nothing added to it, which wouldn't be a bad thing but for example, this morning, I gave her her insulin and instead of eating, she went back to bed.

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