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Default Re: Insulin Frustrations!

Thanks Natalie and Eileen. The source of Ozzi's neuropathy has been an issue for some time. About three years ago, he started to have days when he couldn't even get up from a sitting or lying position. This occurred about every 3 or 4 months. We had a full workup done, (labs, ultrasound, spinal Xrays, etc.) and nothing showed up (except over 100 bladder stones for which he had a cystotomy!) The vet said it was essentially a lumbar neuropathy of unknown origin. When his symptoms increased and no longer spontaneously resolved within 24 hours, we started him on deramaxx daily, which helped a great deal. When he was initially diagnosed with diabetes, he essentially could not walk at all. His hind leg weakness had increased ten-fold. His initial blood glucose was almost 700. As expected, his leg weakness responded dramatically with lowered blood sugars. While the source of the neuropathy is unknown, it gets worse with high sugars, and responds to better sugars. Here's the weird thing...if we give Ozzi either Humulin N or Novolin N twice/day, his leg weakness increases, but giving him Humulin in the am and Novolin in the pm improves this dramatically. The vet says she doesn't know why this is happening, but feels that if it's working, continue. I really need to get over the fear of taking his blood so I can curve him at home. I realize that would be very helpful.
Ozzi, Dalmatian/Australian Cattle Dog mix, 12/03/1996 - 08/15/2010. Diabetes, blind from cataracts, cauda equina syndrome, and arthritis of the spine and knees. Daddy loves you Ozzi
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