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Default Re: Please help me regulate her sugar??

Originally Posted by Raysaint View Post
I don't know, i'm genuinely confused because I was under the impression that low carb and high protein is what's recommended for diabetic dogs.
Pet store owners in particular, pushed by pet food manufacturers, are always trying to sell low-carb high-protein food for diabetic dogs and freak out if you tell them you need your dog a food with corn in it.

But here's the thing.

Most of what the people selling the food know about diabetes they know about human diabetes and, in particular, Type 2 diabetes, which is heavily influenced by diet.

Canine diabetes is basically always similar to Type 1 in humans but there are important species differences in how they process these insulins.

Dogs typically process NPH faster than humans do. And process Vetsulin fairly quickly as well. So we have seen over the years - I've been involved in this and a preceding forum since 2004 - is that dogs need some carbs to go with the fairly quick effect they get from their insulin. And that high protein and mostly meat diets generally have not worked well for diabetic dogs.

Every dog is different - in the end, I think the best advice is to feed the food that gives your dog the most level blood sugar.

The flatter the blood sugar, the better you can regulate their diabetes. Because you have to base the insulin dose on their LOWEST blood sugar, not their highest. All levels drop if you increase the insulin so you can only increase it so long as the LOWEST blood sugar isn't too low.

Some dogs who really get a quick response to the insulin have actually had to have really carby food and/or a delay in injecting the insulin so that the insulin and sugar from food got delivered together. Like crackers carby!!

I know you posted your curve and when I have a bit more time I will take a look at it.

But if the blood sugar never goes below 300 or 250, that's indicates that more insulin is needed.

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