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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

Originally Posted by anotherk9lover View Post
Do what exactly? The curves? I felt like the specialist gave me very little info on diabetes in general. All she said is to just lower her to 5 units and recheck curve in 3-4 weeks before bringing her in for a follow up. I'm not going to do that, bring her back in that is. What kind of insulin did you guys use? She seemed to think that 6 units for Daisy who is 4.9kg is too high, but she also mentioned that NPH N from Walmart that we use is a weaker insulin, so maybe that's why daisy needs a bit more of it. How did you guys go about dosing, and what type of insulin?
Hope you mistunderstood the vet about NPH being a "weaker" insulin as there is no such thing. There are "weaker" solutions that deliver less insulin molecules than other solutions. But NPH isn't even that!

At 4.9 kg, she weighs about 10.75 pounds. So 6 units is within the normal range but on the high side of normal.

To be honest, I wouldn't put much stock in a specialist's knowledge of regulating your dog's diabetes... we took our dog to the guy who literally wrote the book on canine endocrinology used to teach up and coming vets and he was an idiot. We wound up regulating our dog ourselves using home testing. And we never used a high protein diet.

You can learn a bit about our dog's journey at

Whether she should be on 6 units depends on how long she's been on insulin. I will go check.
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