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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

Originally Posted by anotherk9lover View Post
Her last curve 12/23/19 at 6 units was: 386 (fasting 6am), 458, 178, 198, 221, 320, 445. That's from 0600 to 6pm every 2h. And then I checked again at 11pm just to see what the peak was, and it was 94, which the specialist seemed to not like that it's pretty low, so that was part of the reason why she lowered it to 5. But the previous curve on 5 units was higher: 446, 450, 391, 367, 416, 410, 502. It never even went lower than 300's at the peak which is really weird. The curve 2 weeks before that looked better, on 6 units, but it went low at one point which is why my vet wanted her back on 5: 94 (fasting), 157, 59 (at peak 11am), 198, 405, 539. As you can see her curves are just all over the place.

The best curve we had was back in end of sept, it was on 5 units: 349, 415, 190, 161, 200, 189, 133 (before 6pm feed). I'm not sure how to interpret these really, and the specialist didn't tell me anything in depth about it either, she mentioned that maybe increasing the dose makes her compensate by creating higher sugar, not sure how that works. Anyone experience that?
I would be concerned about a 94 reading at night because it could have been lower before or after that.

The answer could be to give less insulin at night than in the daytime.

Also, keep in mind that going up or down between 5 and 6 units is a pretty large change. A 20% increase by adding 1 unit when giving five units.

So 5 could be not enough and 6 too much. You can eyeball half units on the syringe or get syringes with half unit marks - that's what we used.


My advice: Do 5.0 units for five days, do a curve at home from morning until bedtime and see what you get. Post the numbers here and we can help you interpret them and decide what would likely improve the curve.

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