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Default Ricky's story

Hi! My sugar baby is Ricky, a 4 yo Chihuahua who was diagnosed in July, 2007. When he was diagnosed, my husband and I were devastated...we had lost another diabetic pet, Butch, to kidney failure just three years before, and we could not believe that we might also lose our sweet Rick. Up to that point, we kept saying how grateful we were that he was healthy and didn't have to endure what Butch did...we didn't think he had the temperment for all the poking and prodding, and we were afraid he would go blind. (Butchie was blind for the last 4 years of his life.) Little did we know that Rick would also have diabetes, and when we did find out, we did what everyone does. We cried, we pulled it together, and we started to take care of our best friend. He showed us a side of him we didn't know existed...sweet-natured, precious, and VERY patient with me. He is 11 pounds, on Humulin N 3 1/2u, and Humulin R 1/2u, twice a day, eats homecooked food (with baked WD patty), and gets milk thistle and a multivitamin. I want to add digestive enzymes and something for kidney health, and I will soon do that.
As for now, we live each day enjoying each other. I said when he was diagnosed that we would play ball every day, as long as he could (ball is his favorite thing). And that is exactly what we are doing.

Love, Teresa
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