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Default Re: Dog diagnosed 1/30... Need advice/help!

Lucyís numbers are all over the place right now, but always always high. I think it may be complicated by her having some skin sores on her body and sheís fighting the infection. I noticed another one on her tail today that I think has been there for a few days at least. She started antibiotics yesterday. Iím still waiting for more complete blood work results next week. Just crossing my fingers there isnít something major and more complicated at work here.
That said, I did a little test on exercise today. Took her reading before a really short and easy walk and it was 405... then again about 5 minutes after the walk and it was 365. It may not be a consistent thing, but I just want to test it a few times so Iíll know that when they do test her in the office thatís why she may test lower than at home.
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