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Hi. I am new to all of this. Hershey is a 8.5 year old vizsla who was diagnosed with diabetes on 2 Nov. Our vet started her on vetsulin, 17 units twice a day starting on 6 Nov. with a curve one week later. After her first curve he said we are almost there and increased to 18x2 with next curve in two weeks. On 20 Nov after curve said he seen something he didn't like and increased dosage to 20x2. With Holidays her next curve was not until 5 Jan which once again said he didn't like something and increased to 23x2 with next curve in 3 weeks. On 26 Jan he said her glucose did not go down during curve and didn't want to kill her so went back to 17x2 (another drastic change from 23x2). two weeks later another curve and back to 19x2 as of 8 Feb and next curve scheduled for Mar 1. Also said something about may have to give her a lot of insulin to regulate her. Never shows us the curve but when he dropped from 23 back to 17 indicated glucose was still around 400 in last check. All this makes me very nervous as I can not imagine all this jumping around can be good for her. Also concerned is ideal weight according to vet is 80-85. Before diagnosed she weighed 86. When diagnosed she was 76. Now 69 seems to be the new weight and looks thin and sickly to me. Any advise or ideas appreciated.
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