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I've been learning a lot from reading a lot of info and posts on here and really appreciate it. She is a big dog so can see some visible ribs. She was on and still is on beneful healthy weight. Vet said to continue to keep her on current food. When we first took her in for testing she had suddenly started to need to get up in middle of night, drink a bowl of water, potty and more water. Once insulin was started at 17 units and even 18 that went away. But since going from 18 to 20 to 23 it came right back. Then when we went back down to 17 it continued and at current 19 is still going on and once was two trips at night I will request info from vet as soon as I can and post it. Also been reading about glucose testing and thought I would give that a try as well. Just been trying to figure out what glucose meter to get and what all I need to order to go with it. We were also researching after reading thru some of the forums that perhaps she would do better on the novolin.

Thank you
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