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Default Re: My dog diagnosed beginning of Fed 2018

I was horrified to see that your vet put a 19 pound dog on 10 units of insulin per injection. That borders on malpractice and could have killed her.

What you witnessed was most likely very low blood sugar, which can be fatal. I'm just relieved you took her to the ER.

I don't like to see the starting dose higher than 1/4 unit per pound and prefer 1/5 unit per pound, which in her case would be about 4 units of insulin twice a day to start.

So 6.5 units is not an unreasonable amount for her to need, especially early on when her body may be temporarily resistant to the effects of insulin.

There may be something else going on, but until she is systematically and slowly brought up to the right dose, there will be no way to know.

Your best bet is to start testing her blood sugar at home. See the main website,, for information on how to home test and meters you can use.

What breed is she?

Did she have a full blood panel done to see if any other issues might be problems, such as liver enzymes being high, cholesterol being high, thyroid level?

It's possible she just doesn't like that insulin preparation and NPH or another insulin will work fine for her. But you can best determine all that by testing her blood sugar at home and it's usually a lot easier to do than you might think.

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