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Default Re: Yesterday morning I lost my last little dog, Hank.

Bonnie... I'm so sorry that I missed this when you originally posted it. I'm heartbroken to know that the last of your trio has passed on. I can picture them all in my head from photos I've seen of them over the years.

We have an 11-year-old dog who turned out to make traveling impossible, even long day trips, so when he goes I don't know that we will get another dog either, at least for a while. We didn't know when we got this one how limiting he was going to be. We don't really care of course - we adore him. But really need to consider not taking our chances for a while anyway to have some freedom.

Still, I just can't imagine life without one. Hope we won't have to cross that bridge for a long time to come.

Sending kisses skyward to the kiddos and a hug to you,

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