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Default Re: Diabetes, Cushings and Pancreatitis in my Dog

Originally Posted by YukiesMom View Post
Went to the internal doctor last Monday and she did an ultrasound and said all Yukons organs look good for his age. Raised his insulin to 8 and told me to do a curve Saturday. I did the curve and it appears that his BG spikes incredibly about an hour after his food/insulin. It appears that his low point doesn't occur until almost 10 hours after the shot.

The internal med doctor wanted to do a urinalysis today to rule out a UTI and they called tonight and said no infection but lots of glucose in urine no ketones though. They want me to do another curve this Saturday and then the internal medicine doctor will make a decision I guess whether or not we should switch his insulin.

I have noticed some sticky spots on my floor in various areas and he still licking his privates. I'm getting a little discouraged with all these doctors and we are pretty much the same place we were six weeks ago.
Can you post the results of the curve on 8 units of Vetsulin? Donít get discouraged. Even at 8 units, you are only 2 units above the normal starting dose for a dog of Yukonís weight. Glad you are seeing an Internal Med vet
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