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Default Re: Diabetic Rottweiler/Meter & Curves

Originally Posted by Timothy View Post

This morning it was high at 401mg when he woke up and before he ate.
His lowest point was from from 1:00 to 3:30 today and his glucose was 114mg then 104mg.

Before he ate at 6:30 his glucose had risen to 354. And tonight at 9:30 it was up to 381mg.

I have not gotten the chance yet find out what his lowest point is during the nighttime.
I think there are some serious concerns here

you have seen possible multiple low blood sugar events possibly in the process of a seizure occurring

it is simple math fasting is 401 the low was 104 that is about a 300 point drop from the high say if fasting is 300 blood sugar would be 0 or even 350 and that maybe at a 50 range very close to low blood sugar and that doesnt guarantee that the drop maybe larger on other days

you are also seeing that classic bounce back up from the body trying to protect itself with the bodies reserves of blood sugar to preserve life

the dose does need to be reduced or that drop needs to be slowed down by at least half
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