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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed and Confused

well its been 6 weeks since diagnosis from what i interpret from your post (let me know if i am incorrect ) and the vet has only done one curve which was 1.5 weeks ago . you go to the vet for one glucose reading once a week i presume that some of those dose adjustment were based on that single test once again if i am wrong let me know

the problem with that method is that time of day may not be the lowest sugar. it can be at any point in the day and there can be a wide variation in the numbers thats why we do complete curves for dose adjustments

my jesse early in her diagnosis went from 500 to 70 in a few hours and back up to 500 at 6 hours if we tested her at that 6 hour mark with that method of a single test we probably would have raised the dose and put her at risk to low sugar with that 70 going even lower

in the end the big swings in blood sugar for jesse actually pointed to the dose being to much and she actually needed a reduction to stabilize sugar

definitely recommend testing sugar at home
Jesse-26 lbs - 15.5 years old - 10 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of Novolin a day sometimes Novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar but that is rare. total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 8 and 10 units of NPH insulin depending on her fasting number
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