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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Originally Posted by Luigiesmom View Post
Luigie age 14 as of Dec 5 2016 Schnauzer med weighs 21 lbs

Diagnosed Sept 1 2016 started 2.5 insulin now up to 15 NPH insulin twice a day using 100 unit needles Have been taking him 3 x a week for vet to check levels Everytime insulin has been increased I have become very worried

He is on a precriptive diet first 6 days on can food but hated it would no eat alone so I added boiled chicken breast fat free, cooked carrots even a little brown rice I give him 4oz 6:30 am 6:30 pm then the shot He generally eats between 2 1/2 & 3oz rarely 4oz but sometimes

He seems disorinented all the time He best behavior was at but test were high always over 300/500 range Be going on 3 weeks Tuesday when he goes back at $180 a week I can't afford that and required to pay up front I'm a retired senior on SS He had been diagnosed with pancreitis had an attack last sept, Feb 2016 another in March Had first only seizure May 5 Sept 1 after 2 days of not being aright hind end would fail he went to vet test has diabeties. At one point last Sept it was suspected he had cushings but at no time in visits was he ever tested for that I have read up on all of what he has or supsected to have All seem to be connected I'm afraid insulin or at least this kind is not effective for him Can you offer an opinion if phone call would be better let me know Thank you for your time Mary Luigies mom

HOW is LUIGI doing??

you can post in the diabetes forum for a reply.

HOPE all is well

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