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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Dog's name, breed: Oliver, Polish Lowland Sheepdog (polski owczarek nizinny)
Dog's weight: 50
Diet: 1 Cup CANIDAE Life Stages All Life Stages Formula Dry Dog Food at 6am and 6pm.
Insulin: Vetsulin
Number of units per injection and injections per day: 15 units, 2x a day (with food)
Brand of BG meter if home testing: Alphatrak II

Diagnosed Oct 2016 at age 8.
Regulated to 15 units Vetsulin Jan 2017. Currently (June 2017) back down to 13 units and re testing to see if he should go back up.
Oliver - Polski Owczarek Nizinny (PON, aka Polish Lowland Sheepdog) Weighs 51lbs, Eats Canidae. Stubborn as hell. Love him so. Diagnosed October 2016. Regulated January 2017. Currently on 14 units of Vetsulin twice a day .
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