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Default Re: Winnie (3/95 to 2/5/09)

Hi Carol,

I sure am glad that you've found us and have returned to post once again! And I absolutely agree with what the others have said. A formal tribute may take form in time, but what you have already written -- simply how much you love and miss Winnie -- is all the tribute that she would ever need or want.

It took me some time before I could write a public note about my Barkis, too. But in those early days, I took a piece of paper and just headed it with, "All the things I remember about us together." And then I just started a list that grew and grew and grew. I've never showed it to anyone else, and it just made me cry once again to pull it out and read it. But that private list is probably the most meaningful tribute that I could ever write. Because every single thing that is on it is so special and so dear.

It is the memories of your lives together that is the true tribute. So please don't worry if a public note never comes. It doesn't matter. We know how much you loved Winnie and always will.

Many (((hugs))) to you on this anniversary of Winnie's passing ~
Marianne (forever Barkis' mom and Peg's and Luna's mom)