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Default Re: WalMart Humulin N changing to Novolon?

for my jesse the switch to humulin had a milder profile jesse at the time had very strong action to insulin after shot the switch from novolin to humulin under the relion brand name seem to see that strong action a little milder where she did not drop as much during onset not a huge difference but i have to admit i did prefer the humulin

since the cost is so much lower for the relion brand we will switch back to novolin so for us we may lower the dose a bit because of the stronger action for us with the novolin maybe 5 to 10 percent and give it a week test a bit more and reevaluate .

it really isnt a big deal and many wont see any difference it may only apply to dogs that are a bit more sensitive to changes

so really the change is not something to worry about these things will happen change in dog food ingredients is very common i am happy they still have this insulin on the market and keeping that price point and thankful for that