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Default Re: Border terrier and Lysodren-UC Davis visit

Hi Katharine,

I just want to chime in with John to say how glad I am to hear about Zoe's progress! We are also so glad that you and Zoe have rejoined us here!!!!

I have one favor to ask of you. A number of us have been wondering whether UC Davis currently has a written protocol or set of guidelines that they follow regarding trilostane treatment and monitoring. If you look at this link, you will find an excerpt from a 2007 journal article that summarized the monitoring guidelines that UC Davis was using at that time:

But we are wondering whether they have changed their recommendations during these past two years. If you would feel comfortable asking Dr. Nelson whether they have any current published guidelines, we would surely appreciate reading them! But of course the decision whether or not to ask is entirely up to you.

In the meantime, all best wishes to you and Zoe, and please keep us updated!