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Default Re: Hello, I am new here, Kallie just diagnosed

Kallie ate slower yesterday, and last night at 2:30 am she woke up trying to vomit. Nothing came out. She tried 3 times in about an hour. I gave her some tagament (previously prescribed for her when she had a back injury when on steriods, so I thought it would be okay). I thought maybe she'd feel better this morning but it's the same or worse. I did call the vet little after 7 and he said give her the prednisone. That was around 7:40am. I'm waiting for it to kick in. Hopefully that's what the problem is. He said he will test her tomorrow morning. She didn't even want it smeared in moist cat food (her favorite). We had to put it down the back of her throat. My husband was freaking out a little bit but I knew just what to do because of all of you. He seems scared to see her like this but I am being really calm. Thank you all so much - i would have been freaking out right now.

Tammy and Kallie