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Hey! Can I use my sword in this new show?! I'd be a swash-buckling fool til I landed on the floor, then it would become a country-comedy 'cuz I'd keep on swooshing...swoosh!!! swoosh!!! trying my best to chop that POS into bite sized pieces to be donated to the local zoo!

I don't like hearing that Bailey isn't eating, Beth. That just bothers me. I guess because when Squirt won't eat, something is bad wrong with her. She just doesn't turn down food! I want all our babies to have healthy appetites and enjoy their meals and when one isn't, that is worrisome. Has anything changed for him that might be effecting his appetite? Is this new for him or something he does from time to time? If he is just being a horse's patoot because he isn't getting his people food, you might try sprinkling a little stinky cheese (Parmesan) on his regular food. I have to do that with Goldie at times because she is so picky about her food; the stinky cheese makes her think it's new I guess.

You are in my prayers and thoughts (plus I keep my sword close at hand! ),
Leslie and the girls